Argumentative Microtext Corpus

The argumentative microtext corpus consists of short texts that respond to a trigger question such as "Should everybody be obliged to pay fees for public radio/TV?" All texts have been annotated with a tree representation of the underlying argumentation. The data is divided in two parts:

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Please cite this corpus with: Andreas Peldszus and Manfred Stede. An annotated corpus of argumentative microtexts. In D. Mohammed, and M. Lewinski, editors, Argumentation and Reasoned Action - Proc. of the 1st European Conference on Argumentation, Lisbon, 2015. College Publications, London, 2016

Please cite this document with: Andreas Peldszus, Saskia Warzecha, Manfred Stede: Argumenttationsstruktur. In: M. Stede (ed.): Handbuch Textannotation - Potsdamer Kommentarkorpus 2.0, S. 185-208. Universitätsverlag Potsdam, 2016

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Annotation tool for argumentation graphs

For Part 1 of the corpus, other annotation layers have become available: Discourse structure according to both RST and SDRT [Stede et al. 16], and annotation schemes [Musi et al. 18].