Uladzimir Sidarenka

My official name is Uladzimir Sidarenka but, inofficially, you can also call me Vladimir Sidorenko (or Wladimir Sidorenko if you are speaking German). I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University in 2006. One year later, I also did my Master's in Computational Linguistics at the same institution. Starting from 2005 and until 2012, I was working as a computational linguist in a now defunct private company Invention Machine where my colleagues and I were developing advanced search engines for corporate clients. In 2012, I eventually decided to start doing my PhD before it was too late. For this purpose, I came to Potsdam where I'm now still pursuing my goal at the chair of Applied Computational Linguistics. Since September 2015, I work as a part-time programmer at Retresco GmbH.

Research Interests

My current research is mainly focused on natural language processing (NLP) of social media texts (mostly German Twitter). I investigate the impact of different text normalization techniques on various downstream NLP applications, in particular, opinion mining and discourse analysis, also looking whether the former of these two tasks could benefit from the latter. However, in general, I'm interested in everything that is related to programming, mathematics (especially linear algebra and probability theory), machine learning, and/or automata theory.