Peter Bourgonje

I'm a PhD student at the Applied CL Discourse Research Lab. I graduated from Utrecht University with a Bachelor in Linguistics (in 2007) and a Master in Language and Speech Technology (in 2010). Since then, I have worked in several companies (linkedin profile) as a computational linguist. Currently, next to my position at the Applied CL Discourse Research Lab (working on the AnaKonn project), I am working at the Language Technology lab of DFKI.

My current research is focused on discourse parsing. More specifically, I am working on a PDTB-style shallow discourse parser for German texts, focusing on anaphoric discourse connectives. In general though (and also in the context of my DFKI job), I am interested in the broader area of NLP, including but not limited to Named Entity Recognition, Relation Extraction and Machine Translation.

Contact information:
Office: University of Potsdam, Campus Golm, building 14, room 2.29
Phone: +49 331 9772745